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How to Enable Pop-ups on our Web sites

All of the Pharmacy Choice, Inc. websites use pop-up windows. Each user will need to enable pop-ups on our websites in order to utilize all of the functionality that is present within our websites.

Below are instructions for enabling pop-ups for a variety of applications. Please make sure you have turned off all pop-up blockers before accessing the site. In many situations, this may require turning multiple blockers off for the same computer.

All Microsoft Windows XP users:

Window XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) launched a pop-up blocker on all Internet Explorer applications as default. The default setting is to block all pop-ups.

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Click Turn off Pop-up Blocker to enable pop-ups on our sites.

Once you have finished using the site, you can reset the pop-up blocker to deny pop-ups from other sites.

AOL Users:

AOL has launched its own toolbar to run beneath a common Internet Explorer browser window. This toolbar is usually directly below the Internet Explorer Address bar.

AOL Pop-up Blocker

By clicking the Blocked button, users will be able to manage this functionality and turn off the pop up blocker. Once the button is clicked, the same space on the toolbar will state, Allowed. This one click will allow pop-ups on all of our sites.

Google Toolbar:
The popular search engine, Google, has its own toolbar that blocks pop-ups by default. This toolbar looks similar to the AOL version.

Google Pop-up Blocker

To disable this pop up blocker, users will need to disable the entire toolbar. To disable the entire toolbar, right click on the toolbar itself and then uncheck the Google button.
Google Pop-up Blocker

Yahoo Toolbar:
Yahoo is the most popular toolbar at this point and is the most robust in offering other functionality within the toolbar. This toolbar is similar to those listed above and is located in the same position.

Yahoo Pop-up Blocker

To disable this pop-up blocker, please click on the down arrow to bring up the drop-down menu. Uncheck the entry, Enable Pop-up Blocker to remove this functionality from the toolbar.

MSN Toolbar:
MSN and the Microsoft Corporation have launched their own toolbar. This toolbar is very similar to the others on the market and features its own Pop-up blocker.

MSN Pop-up Blocker

To disable this Pop-up blocker, please click the down arrow to the right of the Pop-ups blocked button to bring up the drop-down menu. Please select Allow Pop-ups to disable this functionality.